There are assessments and they are all completed as part of the learning.

Each course consists of a series of topic-specific modules. These modules contain three stages:

  1. Content Module - These may include both interactive practice activities and graded practical assessments (Instant marking)
  2. Optional pre-assessment practice quiz; and
  3. Module Assessment (Instant marking) - These are in the same format as the practice quizzes and the questions come from the same question 'pool'. You are given three attempts at this assessment, after which it is locked for review by a course supervisor to see how we can best help you.  The assessment is then unlocked for another three attempts.  

We encourage students to use the practice activities and the practice quiz to their advantage prior to moving onto the module assessments.

Some courses may require the completion of two further assessments, which require trainer review, marking and assessment:

  1. Written answers (completed online); and
  2. Workshop assessments

These assessments may include the submission of audio/video to support some of the workshop assessments.  This only applies to Nationally Recognized Training (NRT) and BSB units of competency.  This does NOT apply to the Exemplar Global competencies.