Yes, once you have successfully completed your Exemplar Global course you will be issued with an electronic certificate. 

Certificate(s) of Attainment - Exemplar Global Qualifications

  1. Auditor Training Online permits successful participants to print the relevant and security numbered Certificate in the name of the person that successfully completed the course(s).
  2. Auditor Training Online reserves the right to retract the certificate if it is proven the certificate was attained fraudulently or illegally, ie
    1. If the person named on the certificate was not the person who undertook the course content and the exam.
    2. If the qualification named on the certificate was not the course/qualification undertaken and aligned with the course content and exam taken by the named student.

Should you lose your certificate at any stage, you can always return to your student portal to download a duplicate copy.

Where a course requires manual review and marking of pre-requisites and/or assessments, (such as Australian NQTF courses & RPL) certificates will require manual issue.

Where this applies, certificates will be issued in electronic format via secure pdf to the email address provided within 30 calendar days of successful course completion. 

Any request for replacement certificates will need to be submitted via email request to support.