In the event you have failed an assessment or practice quiz multiple times it will be beneficial for you to review your previous attempts to establish which ones are incorrect. This is a great way to help reduce the chances of being delayed in your study as a result of your assessment being locked after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

You can review your results by selecting "Results" on your course home page (as per the following screenshot).

LMS Review Results

This will show you which answers you have answered both correctly and incorrectly. You might like to take a screenshot, print this page or just take a note of your incorrect answers. It is often useful to help remember your correct answers as well :-).

Why can't you just tell me the answers?

As our courses are competency-based, students are required to achieve 100% on all assessments. Auditor Training Online is required to provide evidence that students have achieved this 100% competency through completion of assessments.  

Due to this, we are unable to provide the solution, but we are happy to assist and guide you in the right direction.