Upon completion of video recordings, students will need to upload the peer review against the module that fulfils the directions listed for that Video Assignment. 

The video or assessment files/folders are to be uploaded to the ATOL WeTransfer portal (max size 20GB) as shown below.

  1. Click the blue + symbol to add a single file, or to upload a folder, select the hyperlink 'Or select a folder' situated beneath the 'Add your files' header. 
  2. Enter your email address in the field 
  3. In the message provide the detail of the assessment submission. The video/file name and the message should include both your full name and a description of the assessment e.g John Smith, Pathway to Diploma of Quality Auditing, Video Submission (WS7 Closing Meeting).
  4. Only click Transfer once all files have finished loading!
  5. Once uploaded, the video will be automatically submitted to the appropriate department.

Below is a video demonstration of the process described above:

Source: Guidance - Uploading to ATOL WeTransfer (Demonstration) from Auditor Training Online on Vimeo.