Possible reasons you may not be able to progress:

  1. Before proceeding to the next module you need to fully complete the current module
  2. You need to achieve 100% on the final module assessments
    • If you fail to achieve 100% on an assessment after the maximum number of attempts your course will automatically lock at this point to allow our trainers to review your progress and provide further assistance if required.
    • If you are locked out of a module please contact us at support@auditortrainingonline.com.
  3. Check you don't have multiple browser windows open showing the same course. This can result in the course not properly tracking your progress.
    • To rectify this, please log out of your student portal and close all of your internet browser windows. Reopen the browser and log back in. This should allow you to continue.
  4. You may not have clicked the "Next Module" button before closing a browser. This can result in the course not properly tracking your progress.

  5. It is possible you have re-opened a previously completed module. This can 'reset' your progress back to this point. You will need to return to that unit and achieve 100% on any assessments before the system will allow you to return to your current module.


None of the above helped me

If you still having an issue please contact us at support@auditortrainingonline.com with details and a screenshot of the error/issue you are seeing and we will be able to help you further.