The Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS) has been developed by Exemplar Global, Inc. (Exemplar Global) to address industry expectations of personnel performance and, most importantly, to demonstrate that Applicants for Exemplar Global personnel certification have demonstrated the knowledgebased competency requirements defined for specific Exemplar Global personnel certification schemes.

Training Providers who wish to develop content and administer TPECS examinations for specific TPECS Competency Units should review TCD93 Training Certification Guide, this document, as well as the performance criteria in the specific Exemplar Global Competency Units being sought in the certification.

Exemplar Global evaluates a Training Provider for conformity with these TPECS Administrative Requirements and evaluates the TPECS examinations for conformity with the Examination Principles in this requirements document and the criteria required in specific TPECS Competency Units, downloadable from the MyExemplar Document Library.

The objectives of the TPECS program are to ensure Training Providers achieve certification and maintain TPECS examinations that meet the following requirements for TPECS certification:

  • A documented management system related to the administration and provision of examinations that can be audited against the criteria defined in this document;
  • Applicants for personnel certification have the required knowledge-based competence to perform the prescribed role, irrespective of how these competencies have been acquired; Competencies are examined by competent Examiners as part of a formal examination process;
  • Candidates who are not-yet-competent are offered training and examination in a form that suits the individual needs of the Candidate;
  • Organizations conducting examinations have the flexibility to design innovative, customer focused examinations, and delivery mediums; and
  • Candidates who are examined as competent are provided with information regarding application towards an applicable Exemplar Global personnel certification.

Training Providers may seek certification for one or more TPECS examinations.

If you have any questions regarding training certification, please contact an Examiner in your region’s Principal Office. Exemplar Global Principal offices are located in:

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Source: Exemplar Global Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS) Administrative Requirements